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Right quality at the right place and the right time since 1995

Norpartners AS (established in 1994) is a Norwegian company specialized in Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) products.

The Norpartners Group was established in Norway in 2001 and are the owner of five companies in Saldus, Latvia. The main owners are Libra Group and IMO invest.

The five Latvian subsidiary Companies are, Norplast SIA established in 1995, Akinor established in 1995, Scan Panel established in 2013, Samaco established in 2013,

and Eurotruck established in 2015.

·         Norpartners manage owner interests, sales, project management and product development.

·         Norplast is a manufacturing company focusing on products of high quality in Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) manufactured in Vacuum infusion, Hand lamination, RTM light and Spray-up methods.

·         ScanPanel manufacture variable structures in Composite Sandwich constructions and Shaped GRP Sandwich constructions.

·         Eurotruck manufacture truck and trailer bodies for the transport industry.

·         Akinor is a real estate company managing Norpartners land and buildings of an area close to 100ha. 

·         Samaco are managing the Norpartners Group Companies bookkeeping, Customs service and Internal auditing.

Norplast are certified for management systems ISO9001-ISO14001-ISO45001 by DNVGL 

Litus Lux 
On December 15, 2015, Norpartners signed a contract with Kystverket to deliver several new lighthouses named Litus Lux.
Neptun 3 
Norpartners delivers Neptun 3, the world’s largest closed fish farm in GRP 125 tons in weight and 40 meters in diameter to Aquafarm.
Ålborg Kulturbro
Norplast has supplied bridge elements for Ålborg Kulturbro, Denmark. The bicycle and walking bridge consists of 78 elements.