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Norpartners, Norplast and ScanPanel are one part of a Norwegian industrial cluster in Saldus, Latvia. 

The Saldus cluster consists of a number of industrial companies. What they have in common is that they have moved their production from Norway to Latvia in order to remain internationally competitive.

The companies in the Saldus cluster are:

Akinor Real estate
CompOcean FRP and steel engineering and calculations
Jets Vacuum toilets, wastewater tanks and water treatment equipment
Karlsberg Marketing materials
Lanos Metal production, laser cutting and painting (Black and stainless steel)
Libra-Plast Doors and hatches (Marine and Offshore)
Norpartners GRP product development, engineering and sales
Norplast GRP component and product producer. Multi-material product assembly
Samaco Accounting and office services
ScanPanel Composite sandwich panel production
Saldus GRP Pleasure boats, hardtops for cars and FRP products
Saldus Welding Tank ventilation systems
Sunnmöre Livbeltefabrikk Life jackets and survival suits